Kiwi Camping Tents

Kiwi Camping Tents have got you covered.
  • Kea 3 Dome Tent
    Sturdy single room tent with vestibule. Simple to pitch, lightweight and compact for easy storage.
    NZ$ 149.00
  • Kea 4E Dome Tent
    The ultimate recreational tent with large vestibule for extra room and storage with 2 entrances and windows.
    NZ$ 299.00
  • Kea 5E Dome Tent
    A super getaway tent with 1 room and an extended vestibule with floor for extra storage.
    NZ$ 449.00
    NZ$ 439.00
  • Kea 6 Dome Tent
    Spacious 2 room tent with high peaks. Frame system gives super stable support. Polyester fly and inner with heavy duty PE floor.
    NZ$ 699.00
    NZ$ 599.00
  • Moa 12  Frame Tent
    Three room tent with plenty of space and 4 entrances for great airflow and indoor/outdoor living.
    NZ$ 3,499.00
    NZ$ 3,399.00
  • Takahe 10 Dome Tent
    A large and spacious tent with 3 rooms including 2 separate bedrooms and large living area.
    NZ$ 1,399.00
    NZ$ 1,299.00
  • Takahe 15 Dome Tent
    A super large and spacious tent, with four rooms including 2 separate bedrooms plus 2 large central living areas.
    NZ$ 1,599.00
    NZ$ 1,499.00
  • Spacious 3 room tent ideal for medium sized families.
    NZ$ 799.00
    NZ$ 750.00
  • Kea 4 Dome Tent
    The ultimte recreational tent with 2 entrances and windows with vestibule for extra storage.
    NZ$ 229.00
    NZ$ 199.00