• Thermettes
    Thermette is a must-have piece of camping equipment. Use the Thermette Copper for camping, fishing, hunting, white water rafting, kayak eco-touring, canoeing, disaster preparedness. Boils water in minutes, with a 2.2 L capacity. Solid copper construction, and a galvanized steel fire ring. Removable fire base. Portable and highly efficeient - will burn anything flammable. The solid copper thermette will pay off in the long run, and is absolutely worth the investment.
  • Kiwi Camping Tents
    Kiwi Camping Tents have got you covered.
  • AARN Packs
    Carry your gear in style and comfort with top quality AARN packs.
  • one planet
    The ONE PLANET Sturt boot has a higher cut and a stable strike pattern to help distribute heavy loads: perfect for long, pack-carrying trips. One-piece full-grain leather uppers bear the brunt of the bush, while the waterproof and breathable Synapse lining ensures comfort. The Vibram sole maintains grip, while a fatigue-reducing midsole creates a stable, shock absorbing chassis for long-distance walking.